5 things that can help you save money when buying a used car.

As of now, you’ve likely realized that buying a used car from a used car dealer is almost always smarter than buying a brand new car from a showroom. But what you might not know is some dates are better than others to test drive a new-to-you used car. Promotional deals, seasonal sales, and consumer trends can all play a role in what benefits you’ll get when buying a used car from a car dealer especially in Houston, TX region.

If you know a vehicle upgrade is in your future, you may want to bide your time. Consider hitting one of these dates for little-known savings:


When Demand lessens:

Shopping for a convertible at a local car dealer? Consider poking around a car dealer for a good used car deal in winter. Off-season sales may be more readily available when demand is low. Other ideas could include nabbing a four-wheel-drive SUV in June or a motorcycle in January. You may have to wait for the weather to change to enjoy your fun new used car, but at least you’ll know you beat the crowds.

Another factor you can use to your advantage is consumer perception. On January 1st, every model becomes a year older, so most people view them as a little less desirable. Really, though, how much has the transition changed those vehicles? Buying a used car from a local car dealer in the early weeks of January is a great way to celebrate its birthday at a bargain.

Black Friday:

When most people think of bargains the day after Thanksgiving, they envision appliances, jewelry, winter gear, and shiny new TVs. Local car dealer, however, loves to get in on the celebration by offering up their own deep discounts. Black Friday is more than a good time to buy actually it’s the best!

Tax Season:

Taxes are usually nothing to get excited about, but refund season can be really fun. There’s nothing quite like getting that check in the mail and deciding what to do with it. If you’ve had your eye on a used car, now could be the best time to get serious about it. Your refund might be the perfect amount for a down payment to get the used car that you have had your eyes on.


Before Tax Season:

Using your refund to pay your down payment for your desired used car is a great idea, but it means you’d have to wait; sometimes weeks after you file your taxes. What if you could get it months before usual? The Tax Max program is a smart way to have your taxes filed by a professional and get your refund amount applied toward a used car urgently. Yes, simply arrive with your W-2 and leave in a car. When issued, your refund goes straight toward your used car’s down payment, so you don’t need to hassle with the calculations any longer.


After you’ve reviewed Your Budget:

If you haven’t first made and reviewed your budget none of the above opportunities is the right move. This sales event is subjective since every person’s situation is different. It could land on a day in April for you, but your neighbor might need to wait until July. In other words, it’s your own ability to manage money at a given time that best indicates a good time to buy a used car from a car dealer. And to understand this you should look no further than your current budget. Have you been staying ahead of bills regularly? What about surprise expenses? Are you able to cover these expenses? If you want to know the worst time to buy a used car from a car dealer, look for warning signs in your own financial life.

Get a jump on the crowds and get your new used car by choosing one of these smart times to purchase that allusive used car that you have been after from the car dealer in Houston region. When your friends are battling the crowds, you’ll be offering them a lift in your enviable ride.


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