Defogging Your Car Windows Is Extremely Essential For Driving Safely


Why Do Car Windows Get Fogged?

Running late for work on a cold Monday morning and seeing your car’s frosted and fogged-up windows is the last thing you would want to see. Fogged car windows are an inevitable experience due to the cold weather.

However, it is not something permanent; the windows can be defogged.Foggy and frosty windows are a result of the process of condensation.

The interior of the car is warmer than the outside temperature. The interaction between the surface of the window and the air outside causes water droplets to form on the outside surface of the window. This is the process of condensation.


How To Defog Your Car’s Windows?

You can defog your car’s windows by implementing any of the following techniques:


–Turn The Car’s Heater On

Turning the heater up with the defrosting setting will absorb all the moisture from your car and help to defrost the windows.


–Turn On The Car’s A/C

Although this would be an uncomfortable situation in the morning, it will help to defog the car windows.

This works if the windows are not frozen; just foggy.


–Crack Your Windows

This, too, may be an uncomfortable situation early in the morning, but it helps to speed up the process.

The hot and humid air in your car gets exchanged with the dryer air from outside.


–Moisture Absorbing Products

There are many moisture-absorbing products available on the market that can be placed in the car.

Their job is to absorb the moisture in the air to prevent condensation and eventually frosty and foggy windows in the morning.


–Defrosting With Rubbing Alcohol

This is one of the quickest ways to defrost your car windows but it does take some preparation.

If you mix 2/3 cup of Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol with 1/3 cup of water and pour it into a spray bottle, you can get rid of the frost right away.

The main reason behind this is that alcohol has a freezing point that is way 138 degrees Fahrenheit below the freezing point. It is a great mixture to keep in your car.


Final Thoughts  

With extreme cold weather comes the havoc of frosty windows. The abovementioned tips can help you to defog and defrost windows relatively faster.

One thing you must never do: pour hot water on the windows to defrost them. This makes the situation even messier as hot water freezes faster than cold water.